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What will happen my STX?.pending

i sent from exxchange to hiro wallet still pending???

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When I look at a recent transaction of mine that is still pending, it says that transactions that can’t be confirmed within 256 blocks will be cancelled automatically.
I have no idea why my transfer of 7 STX can’t be confirmed - All addresses are correct.
But, obviously, something went wrong.
So, we should see the outcome after 256 blocks, one way or another.

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…I’m in a similar position , sent two transactions from Hiro… both pending approx 24hrs… will wait for 48hrs and hopefully things will reset… not sure how I can avoid this happening again…
If any dev is reading, after sending the first one, it was pending so i sent another, now both pending (had previously sent some the day before with no issues, I have plenty of stx left for gas).

My transaction was from HIRO wallet to Okcoin. I have checked and rechecked the address and memo, which is all correct.
I can see Okcoins wallet with the explorer. I can see my wallet with the explorer. I can see the hash of the transaction with the explorer.
Been pending on the explorer and the Hiro wallet says sending…Since 6am on the 15th of January.
There’s just no way to cancel it, speed it up, or anything else, that I can see.
It’s just a glitch…As far as I can tell. My 7 STX transaction lost in the blockchain.
There’s lots of transactions viewable for much less than 7 STX and they seem to have gone through without issue.

my transaction gone i cant see now . what will happen my stx?

it came back ok

My transactions did finally go through. It took approximately 55 hours to complete and I have no idea why it took so long, but the transactions did process.
So, I’ll chalk this up to something that I don’t really understand, since, I don’t think it was a function of the transaction fee…There’s no way (that I know of) to increase the transaction fee and increase the speed finality of the transaction.