What was the reason for removing the proofs and GPG keys from the profile?

vsund wrote on Slack:

What was the reason for removing the proofs and GPG keys from the profile?
In my opinion the most valuable data of a id :slight_smile:

Where are you seeing a lack of proofs and PGP keys?

On onename.com, PGP keys and proofs are still viewable.

Here’s my profile as an example: https://onename.com/ryan

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I couldn’t see any of that.

And, I just noticed that Firefox complaints about mixed content (I couldn’t find an option to deactivate it).

Maybe that’s why I doesn’t see proof and gpg?

Oh strange! I’m seeing it just fine on my firefox. Can you disable your browser extensions and try again?

It’s uBlock Origin what’s conflicting with it. The “mixed content” warning disappeared though.

Ideas to debugging this?

OK so does it work if you temporarily disable the plugin?

Yeah, then it works without any problems.

Edit: (because of “You have reached the reply limit for this topic”)
I debugged a bit further, and I think it’s because of Fanboy’s Annoyance List and Fanboy’s Social Blocking List. The rules that block these elements are ##.ss-social and ##.social-link (both in both lists).

If I deactivate those two lists, everything works as expected.

uBlock log console

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Posting again, since I added the filters which block the elements to the last post.
(Wasn’t allowed to post yesterday because of a limit with new posts.)

Oh that’s really strange. I suppose they block any instance of the word “social” but that seems too aggressive.

Good to know it’s working now!

I think these two class names often get used together with the “Share with [any social thing]” buttons at the end of each site.
(And these two lists want to remove such social sharing elements.)

I added an exception for onename.com, works as expected.

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