What should I do if I want to work from multiple computers?

I’m a writer, and I’ve taken a liking to graphite for writing blog post, social media updates, and quick ideas. I want to use graphite both at home and at my job. But I’ve noticed that graphite requires me to sign in with blockstack. And doing so requires me to literally recover the entire account on the other device.

Maybe this question is better posed towards the Graphite staff, but is there a more elegant solution or a workaround that would let me do my writing both at home and on other devices?

This brings up a fairly good point as a big plus with the current internet is the ability to sign in anywhere from any device and gain access to all of my data. Can blockstack survive in the current ecosystem when users are forced to take a step back and give up this convenience?

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Because your account is tied to the blockchain, the only “proper” way to recover your account is via the recovery key phrase. This is for all blockchain wallets and things of that sort.

If you wanted the easier way of “username + password”, then you would have to store your private key on a third party server (though encrypted) and trust they don’t store the actual private key and then have access to every one of your Blockstack apps/ids.

Perhaps there may be a better way in the future but there’s nothing out there right now.

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First, thanks for using Graphite! Second, I’d say that the experience you described (using Graphite at home and using it at work) is the exact same process you go through when you want to use Google at home and at work.

The difference being that you have one extra layer of security in entering your recovery key.

If you think about Google, you sign in at home. Then you go to work, and you have to sign in there. The concept is the exact same with Graphite and any other decentralized apps on Blockstack.

Once you’ve recovered your identity once at work, that should be enough. Unless you’re clearing your cache nightly before going home (not a bad security process, by the way), when you come into work the next day, you don’t have to restore your identity again. It just works.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Yep, I noticed! I didn’t think I’d be able to be signed in on two accounts at once, but when I got into the office this morning I realized it never signed me out. Interesting! So now both computers (temporarily) own this account?

I prefer to think of it as you own the account regardless of where you access it :wink:

But yes, both computers now have access. There is no limit to the number of access points.