What kind of ideas and values are fueling this particular project?

Blockstack community member @autious asked:

Btw, what kind of organisation is behind blockstack? I’m curious about what kind of ideas and values are fueling this particular project.

My answer:

Blockstack is an open source project. It just so happens there’s at least one entity that hires people and pays salaries and contributes code. There is a C Corp associated with Blockstack and a foundation is coming soon.

Our values are to create a more open and decentralized internet (as the original internet architects imagined) and return power to the users

Our goal is to create this decentralized internet because we believe it will unlock the true potential of the internet. Today we live in a feudal paradigm online…but that doesn’t have to be the case! Users can own their own data and take back their privacy. And developers are free to innovate beyond the constraints of walled gardens and 3rd party dependencies

Perhaps @ryan can elaborate if needed.