What is the connection between BNS from StackV1 and StackV2

Recently I see there are some topics about Stack Wallet and origin Blockstack ID.

If I want to use my Blockstack ID like gavin.id then I cannot use stack wallet. What is the connection between the origin BNS and STX token from StackV2. Are they in totally different system? What can my ID like gavin.id do in the StackV2? I think it is a common question for community.


Right now, the Stacks Wallet is meant just for transferring STX (cc @yukan). When Stacks 2.0 comes online, the wallet will be able to send arbitrary transactions, including transactions to register and transfer BNS names via the BNS smart contract. The Stack 2.0 genesis block will migrate over all of the Stacks 1.0 names and token balances.