What is structure of blockstack chain block? And what is transaction structure of blockstack chain?

I want to deconstruct block field and transaction field so that I can listen that other one deposit STX to my address. But I don’t know how to listen new block and deconstruct it. In the API document, there are not the API to get block detail by height. And if I want to comprehend the block generated procedure, and transaction execution procedure, the only way is to read the source code of blockstack-core. Also the only way of listening block and STX deposit is to read the source code of blockstack wallet.

So, are there some document about how to listening deposit tx and how to generate and send transaction to network?

Is the blockstack a independent main chain or a protocol running on the Bitcoin network? I guess the former. But there are too few documents about your independent block chain.

In the source code of blockstack wallet, I saw the address is generated from bitcoin private key, and the private key followed bip44 protocal. So the seed phase that generated form blockstack wallet while I use the wallet software firstlly can derive many private key and cooresponding address. Did I understand correctly?

It’s a virtual chain. There’s a blog post on it here: https://blog.blockstack.org/virtualchain-research-paper-published-at-dccl16/


So, when do you release your mainnet to make STX become a native asset?

I think the hardfork is planned in Q1 2020.