What is Ryan Shea's Current Involvement in Blockstack?

Is @ryan still an active part of Blockstack? I ask because it seems like his profile has been much lower than it has in the past (perhaps just too busy working?). The thing that really made me ask the question was this blog post by @muneeb today. This is a BIG deal in the Blockstack milestone system and I found it odd that it wasn’t signed by one of the co-founders. It seems like his involvement has been curtailed since around mid-September of this year.

I could totally be reading into this too much, but it’d be nice to have some kind of confirmation that Ryan Shea is still a part of Blockstack PBC in a day-to-day role. And if not I think it’d be good for the community to know that he is no longer in an active role or that he’s taking some kind of sabbatical.


Hi Kitsana,

I think this was vaguely addressed here: https://blog.blockstack.org/a-path-to-decentralization/

Not sure if there have been more details released yet, though…


Thanks for posting; I guess I must’ve missed this post. Here’s an excerpt for anyone interested:

Blockquote Independent US entity: Ryan Shea, co-founder of Blockstack, will be leaving Blockstack PBC to form a new US entity. Ryan will remain in the Blockstack community, will continue contributing to Blockstack, and will make an announcement about the new entity he is starting in the coming months.