What is abort_by_post_condition

i hav created nft contract and i’m claim nft from website i’m working on using stacks js and i’m getting abort_by_post_condition every time i try to claim the nft
i don’t know what i’m doing wrong beacuse i’m new and i can’t find alot for guid about this area please hlp

this my contract https://explorer.stacks.co/txid/0x6b329d0c39740793c1b6c3f27528ed28258678e30c7f5881a191c3fbd0f4c6db?chain=testnet

my code for js is something like this

                contractAddress: contractAddress,
                contractName: contractName,
                functionName: "claim",
                functionArgs: [],
                onFinish: (data) => {
                    console.log({ data });
                }, onCancel: (data) => {
                stxAddress: contractAddress})

The best place for this is the Clarity channel on Discord >> https://discord.gg/HMzQgHwf