What if something happens to Bitcoin?

I’m a web developer interested in blockstack, and just wondering:
Since blockstack runs on bitcoin, what happens if something happens to bitcoin? It’s possible… Can we easily switch to another asset like Monero or really any hard crypto? That shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Looking forward to developing apps that can’t be evil.

If something happens to Bitcoin, then it’s quite likely that open-membership p2p blockchains as a general model for distributed computing will be shown to be non-viable. Something that can kill Bitcoin can almost certainly kill any other open-membership p2p system.

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Then the entire crypto industry would have really big problems to deal with :slight_smile: PoX consensus can theoretically work on other proof of work blockchains as base layer but realistically if Bitcoin breaks then several other PoW chains will also break. Theoretically you can use any stable PoW chain as base layer. Bitcoin by far is the best and most secure option.

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