What have the working groups been up to? - 03/11/20

Quick summaries of what the working groups have been focused on over the past few weeks. Please feel free to add notes in the comments.

Reference: About Working Groups


  • In this initial phase of governance development, Lane Rettig is leading a “Listening Campaign” to better understand the goals and expectations of all Blockstack stakeholders. Lane is currently conducting interviews with core stakeholders and working with the group to draft and distribute a broader community survey.
  • You can add your feedback on the survey here.
  • Members of this group have also been working hard to surface relevant resources and educate one another on what governance is, how it can be applied to crypto communities, and what we need to consider when developing our own model. Here’s one comprehensive post by Jason Schrader on Getting Started with Governance .

Business Models

  • In anticipation of the Stacks 2.0 launch, the Business Model group has been discussing and exploring several potential models that would enable developers to scale profitable business on Stacks 2.0, and in turn, add value to the wider ecosystem.
  • They are currently in the process of brainstorming a list of the highest impact ideas/projects for leveraging Clarity, STX tokens, and the Stacks 2.0 upgrade in general. Once this list is generated, they’ll be RICE scoring each idea to see which ones would be best to pursue in the immediate term.
  • Moving forward, the Business Model group will focus on developing the best of these ideas, by hosting community hackathons, offering bounties/grants, or building out these ideas themselves.


  • Since the publication of SIP-007 and the PoX whitepaper, the PoX working group has taken the lead on figuring out the finer technical details of this novel consensus mechanism. Their work resulted in an incredibly informative Q&A with Muneeb during the last town hall as well as a community-maintained wiki.
  • In preparation for the launch of Stacks 2.0, the PoX group has also been learning more about the requirements for mining and stacking. Given the addition of native support for stacking delegation to SIP-007, the group worked through possible delegation services in a discussion led by Jeff Domke.
  • Moving forward, the PoX working group will play an important role in gathering learnings from the Stacks 2.0 testnet. They’ll also explore potential incentive design (gamification) for the testnet, as well as early designs for stacking delegation services.

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