What happened to FocusWriter?

It said “Deprecated: Please switch to the Stacks Wallet or upgrade your app to Stacks.js”

It seems like it isn’t maintained/upgraded. However, after wrestling with the .dep file on Linux Beta so I can finally download it for desktop, FocusWriter couldn’t still be found. I’m not proficient at these kinds of things, but I’m running to a dead end. I stored important (though not confidential) pages on there. I looked it up online, and FocusWriter.com was nowhere to be found. It disappeared like it never existed a few weeks ago. Another website that discusses it was also nowhere to be found. The only FocusWriter.com that existed is the GottCode one — despite being unrelated, and despite the page I’m looking for always ended up being the 2nd result on every single devices I search it from.

The domain that I have from https://app-center.openintents.org/appco/2791 is focuswriter.co However, it does not exist neither.

You could use Mercurius to access your posts Mercurius - Gaia Hub Explorer Just use it with caution because it requires you to enter your Secret Key.