What does the new logo represent?

Hey, i was wondering whether the new logo has a background meaning (because the old one was a block like in Blockstack). Does the dots represent something?

Tagging @guylepage3 for this :slight_smile:

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Happy to answer this one. I have been slowing plugging away at a blog post to address this very question. I will be publishing that blog post in the coming week or so as I am close to finishing it up and will post it here on this forum post.

The quick and dirty TL;DR is that there was a need for a more representational of what Blockstack has become and where Blockstack is headed as a new decentralized internet community.

I’ll elaborate on this in detail more with the blog post. Stay tuned. :smiley:

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looking forward to hear more about this. I was sorta wondering myself. Glad someone else asked.

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