What do you guys think of Open Mustard Seed?

and have you seen the identity2020.org project?

I think you have something BNS.

WC3 would love this, and there are big orgs lining up to endorse something.

Let me know how I can help :slight_smile:

Open Mustard Seed is great. Thanks for bringing this up. I’ll invite Patrick Deegan to this forum.

And I haven’t seen identity2020 but would love to learn more. Looks like there isn’t much on the site. Can you give us more info?

Hi Ryan, I emailed Patrick too :).

I’ve asked one of the founders of identity2020 to join this forum. My understanding is it’s a UN initiative to provide identity to 200 million children at risk of sexual abuse or violence in the next 5 years. Where providing a birth certificate is not possible.

Lastly - Have you seen the definition of partial anonymity?


It may be helpful to think about in the hierarchies structure of BNS. Especially where BNS interacts with legislature and government.

How does a “self sovereign digital identity” protect a child from sexual abuse or violence?

Hi all

I’'m a cofounder of the Identity2020 project, linking up with the creators of the film Meena (Google Meena, Lucy Liu, Deepak Chopra).

The ambition of the film is to raise awareness of the plight of children at risk or experiencing sexual violence. Following the film we met with UNICEF to ask how we could help and the challenge of identity came up. It is estimated that there are 200m children on the planet without a birth certificate or identity, which makes it difficult for NGO’s to protect the children, as NGO’s must abide by the state law and often the state law has a reference to ID.

We are going through a governance phase, hence the low profile however we are keen to engage in collaborative conversations.

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John Clippinger and Sandy Pentland are both pretty boss. That’s all I’ve got to add on that point.

Also, marmots.

As you know, we’re very interested in expanding access to identification. Are you open to starting a thread on this forum about this topic? I think we could have a great discussion about it and we can loop in Patrick Deegan from Open Mustard Seed and Chris Ellis as well.

@ryan the good news is we’ve got @sytaylor Patrick Deegan and Chris Ellis in the mix - took your lead and set up a channel

Open Mustard Seed was developed and funded by ID3 and founded by myself and Sandy Pentland. ID3 hosted OMS at our site and I gave it its name, wrote the promotional video on our site (www.idcubed.org). Patrick Deegan has no relationship with ID3 for nearly a year and has no relationship with OMS. I would be interested to know what code base Patrick is using for OMS and how it is being supported.

@Clipman can you elaborate on this? Is Patrick Deegan neither involved with ID3 nor OMS?