What do we call ourselves?

Been thinking as Stacks 2.0 upgrades, the ecosystem will be growing on the Stacks blockchain, we’ll execute smart contracts using Stacks, we may be “Stacking” STX and BTC if SIP-007 progresses, and other entities beside “Blockstack” PBC will be building developer tools on the Stacks blockchain.

What do y’all think of the term “Stackers”? Feels less clunky then “blockstackers”, but wanted to see what everyone else thinks

Used it recently here and didn’t hate it…would continue if everyone else liked it and felt natural using it too: https://twitter.com/patrickwstanley/status/1221915343062556673?s=21

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If we don’t come up with something quickly, we may end up being called BlockHeads. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Hi @patrick,

Sound’s good to me! I dont hate it!

Did you had in mind of keeping the slogan ;
Don’t Can’t Be Evil ?

What do ya think of this , i just made it for fun.

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This make me laugh this morning @njordhov , BlockHeads haha.


Yes I think we’ll keep that motto so long as it’s well understood that the spirit of it is to people away from software and companies that have an unhealthy power over their users to the extent that they have to promise “don’t be evil”.

Web 3.0 is like a personal internet where people have ownership and incentive for investment, and are more empowered than they were on Google and Facebook’s Internet.

Nice, re: the graphic. It’s kind of blue jay egg colored which is different. :blush:


Hi @patrick,

Thanks for this reply and feedback.

I was just having some time to spare and i was having fun doing this.

You guys can keep it , modify it or just trash it haha.

Have a good day sir !

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