What can you recover exactly using the backup phrase?

I was wondering what actually gets “backed up” using the backup phrase? Will my wallet and all of my profiles be restored if I use this backup phrase? Or do I need to do something else as well?

(Asked originally on Slack)

Answers by Patrick:

  1. This is the “master” private key that gets used to generate all your other private keys (i.e. by following bip32)
  2. Yes
  3. Don’t lose your backup phrase, and don’t show it to anyone else (it’s a private key)

I´m going to sell my macbook that because I just create a backup which is the 12 keywords I write down when I created my account. I have 2 identities and 1 bitcoin address in my account. So I wanted to test whether do I need any extra steps or not. I have also windows installed in my macbook and I switched to windows then I installed Blockstack Browser and I click into restore keychain, I write back that 12 keywords and I created another password for the application and one of my indentity is missing. The first identitiy which is the default one just appeared and my bitcoin address either. But the second identity it doesn’t show up and also default identity’s verifications are gone. What step that I do wrong ? Or is there any possible bugs ?

@feyyaz.id You just need to click the create a new ID button and the other ID will be there.