What blockstack interactions appear in explorer?

Continuing the discussion from Can I validate blockstack interactions register on the blockchain?:

I just watched the video on blockstack’s block explorer. That was helpful. With that information I looked up my ID to see any transactions. There were none. Can someone explain what kind of interactions on blockstack’s apps appear as a record on the blockchain?

I hope to give my podcast listeners a walk-through of blockstack but don’t want them to just take on face value that something is happening on a blockchain. I want them to be able to validate something is happening.

The Blockstack explorer displays Blockstack’s blockchain interactions. Those are interactions which involve name operations. For example, my ID ‘blankstein.id’ has a bit of activity:


You can see that it had some registration operations, was transferred to a new address, and had a couple zonefile updates. Notably, my interaction with different applications and updates to my user profile aren’t reflected on the blockchain – only operations related to the ownership and control of my name. For more information about Blockstack’s general philosophy about on-chain versus off-chain operations, I recommend the paper “Blockstack: A New Decentralized Internet” available at https://blockstack.org/papers