What are Potential Sybil Attack Points with PoB(and PoX)?

Hello there. I am researching Blockstack and Stacks chain.

I reached VirtualChain part and now have a basic understanding about it. But one question poped up in my mind.

What can be a sybil attack or kind of vulnerability on Stacks chain? And what’s the solution (surely already adopted)?

Attaching @muneeb’s answer on telegram. Thanks!

Virtualchain uses Bitcoin miners to process the transactions, so Sybil attacks are handled by Bitcoin’s PoW. Virtualchain is no longer used in Stack 2.0 and Sybil attacks are handled by the new PoX mining in Stacks 2.0.


Looks like you figured everything out! @clayop just curious is this research for university purposes or are you writing some blogs about the recent proposal?

Now for personal research and probably blog posts. But I can develop it to journal articles or project reports.