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Blockstack is a new decentralized Internet secured by the blockchain. Developers can build decentralized, server-less apps that put users in control of their data. The system is completely decentralized and is developed as open-source software.


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Many applications today are dependant on not only a core group of developers, but also a central hosting provider that makes the application accessible to users. What Blockstack provides is a common infrastructure to build applications which do not depend on a central hosting provider who can exclusively cut off access to an application. This new application architecture is fundamentally changing the way that applications are built and deployed.

Developers can use Blockstack to name and host websites, decentralizing web publishing and circumventing the traditional DNS and web hosting systems. Similarly, an application could be developed which uses Blockstack to host media files and provide a way to tag them with attribution information so they’re easy to find and link together, creating a decentralized alternative to popular video streaming or image sharing websites. Blockstack fundamentally changes the way modern applications are built by removing the need for a “trusted third party” to host applications, and by giving users more control.