Weekly Updates 10.22-10.26, 2018

Weekly Updates 10.22-10.26

This is what some of us at Blockstack PBC last week. There are certain things e.g., legal matters or updates on internal infrastructure etc that we can’t make public for regulatory or security reasons.

Blockstack Core

  • A few point releases of v19 to fix a few corner cases – in particular, make sure we re-process all recently-discovered zone files if the node crashes and has to recover from a backup.
  • Added a few environment variables to our deployment scripts to make running a Core node in a container a little easier.
  • Almost ready to release v20 with the token system.

Blockstack CLI

  • Depend on blockstack.js 18.1.0, removing the need to install the feature/stacks-transactions branch
  • Fix a few minor bugs discovered in end-to-end testing of v19 and v20
  • Explicitly upgrade a few dependencies to avoid using versions with known security holes


  • Simple fix for an authentication parsing issue


  • Patched a pretty straight-forward bug in the browser, where a user’s profile wasn’t being written to the correct location in certain circumstances.


  • Shipped Blockstack.js v18.1.0 - There are a number of changes in this release including support for stacks transaction, generating blockstack wallets, listing files in a user’s gaia hub. For complete details, please see the changelog.
  • Opened a PR for a long-standing issue to to add an API for getting a file’s URL directly
  • Additional PR reviews


  • Shipped Android SDK v0.4.0 - this version features a number of additional APIs and a change of JavaScript engine technology from WebView to J2V8 which enables use of the SDK in the background. Previously, the SDK only worked on the UI thread which blocked the UI while long operations were performed. Details on other changes are in the changelog. We will ship a point release that fixes some bugs that are blocking an updated to our react native android support before announcing these changes.


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