I have purchased ipo from coinlist and moved the funds to blockstack Id nareshbjee86.id.blockstack. I also noted down magic key and 12 words recovery phrase. I can see 855 tokens on stacks explorer all unlocked now. But when I tried to use Hiro wallet with same recovery phrase, it shows different address with 0 stx tokens. I explored previous threads and all talking about ledger to migrate but I don’t have a ledger. Some links shared earlier are moved. Please help. I have invested in blockstack for long term and hodled but now seeing different wallet address and same seed, making me anxious. I have old wallet recovery phrase and magic key with me.

My stx wallet address

Hiro generate new wallet address with 0 stx

I have this same issue…I really hope we can get this resolved. If you search the address you used from coinlist on the Stacks blockchain does it show your correct balance?

I have the same issue. As I investigated tokens can be accessed only via new Hiro wallet. The problem is that it’s needed to have 24 words seed phrase from old Stacks wallet in order to get access to funds. And there’s no function in the old wallet to extract that seed phrase. I suggest you to write email to support [email protected] and ask to make a patch or something like that as soon as possible to provide a way to get a seed phrase from old Stacks wallet. Otherwise looks like all tokens will be lost. Many people have same problem so we should push Stacks team to act and fix it.