Wallet hacked, coins still unlocking. Anything I can do?

Hey folks, I participated in the original stacks offering, haven’t checked my wallet in a year or so. I logged in today, noticed that the account had been drained to other stacks accounts. (I’d had my seed phrase stored in an Evernote account that got hacked last year, which I suppose is how I lost it :facepalm: ).

It looks like someone / bot is logging into my account once a month, on the unlocking schedule and transferring the tokens to one of two different addresses.

Now I’m curious about a few things:
A. Can I change my seed phrase and/or use a different wallet address to accept the remaining tokens
B. Since I know the two addresses that have received the tokens siphoned from my wallet, is it possible to determine if they’ve been sent to any exchange, which might be able to identify the hacker?