Virtualizing artists’ studios... a call for developers

Artists cannot rely on platforms to make a living, and Coronavirus has proven that they need to virtualize their careers.

The solution for them is to virtualize their studios so they can do on the web what they used to do in their actual studios in the physical world: communicate privately, work in collaboration and on demand, and sell their art works privately P2P.

Thanks to Blockstack technology they will be able to OWN their studios -as they won their keys-, they will be able to keep their digital art files safely in their own storage, and they could sell licensed digital art works P2P privately.
Moreover in their studios they need to choose wisely the use-licenses they are selling as well as be able to prove their ownership in court if needed. Therefore legal support is also essential to fill the gap between the digital and the physical world.
So far I have been working on this DApp with the technical advise of Harini Rajan to whom I cannot feel more grateful. Plus, I have designed a set of licenses working closely with my legal partner. Nevertheless, to bring our DApp, Smartists, to life in the Stacks ecosystem we need to find a developer PARTNER, or at least a committed developer who can make our tested prototype a real functional app. And we think that this is an interesting and visible use case for those involved in NFTs, wallets or smart-contracts for licensing.
We have come a long way, and we have started building a small community of potential users through our surveys and landing page, Moreover, I am already researching different ways to approach possible allies.

If you want to know more you can have an overview of the User Experience of the prototype we have been testing in our last survey.
On the Discord chat I also left a 2’ video for an overview of the prototype.

For more information, You can contact me on Discord (@Mirlo) or in my email: [email protected].

We are ready to share more details with anyone genuinely interested in partnering.

I thank you for reading, and look forward to any comments.