Virtualchain Ethereum support

I had seen couple a post almost an year back on virtual chain extending to ethereum. Just checking if it is in the priority list this or next year?

Do you have a link to this post? I can’t find it.

Regardless, AFAIK from the Whitepaper, Blockstack runs off of one virtual chain, but can migrate from blockchain to blockchain. Thus, if Blockstack was going to switch to Eth, it would have to move off of Bitcoin, and I do not think there are any plans for that.

The discussion is over here Thanks

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Ah, thanks.

@jude do you know if any work has been done on this since… the past two years? Seems to be quite an old issue.

No work has been done.

It’s not on any roadmap that I know of. Feel free to take a stab at it if you are interested in it!