Video: Devolution - an alternative political system

Hi everyone. This is my first post on this forum. I’m looking for some developers to help me finish a project that I’ve been working on. The prototype is currently built on the Safenetwork. However, after recently coming across Blockstack, i’m starting to feel that it might be a better choice. I’m also very interested in Solid (Social Linked Data) as i don’t want the social media stuff to be stored on a blockchain.

Devolution is an open-source application designed to give communities/regions more political autonomy. It enables regions to vote for officials and finance services. Revenue comes from the lottery, ads, voting and an unofficial Land Value Tax (LVT) - where citizens can collectively buy land (perhaps using FieldCoin) and then rent land to members of the the community. All revenue is redistributed in the form of Social Credits, which are used to finance services or top-up Health/Education Credits. It has a built in education section, job search, and various other features.

Here is a link to a recent update (5 mins):