very important I tink I found a scam site and other questions

I ve noticed I have reived in my wallet , without interating with some weird contracts some bitflow coins and the contract is this SP1694WP13JY1ES22W3C2Y2ZVRG38AKXJ5XE8HG6B.bitflow
Also the site seems legit , but do not.
Please take measures.
Is there any danger, If I havent iteracted wit tat contract no wallet connected,only stacks blockcain explorer?

Do not interact with it. Many malicious tokens which are trying to trick you into draining your wallet has been flagged by community members. For example:

This account might flag more scam coins found as we go:

What do you mean by interacting with that token?
Trying to send it or swapping?
If I click the transaction in the leather wallet that took me on the Hiro stacks explorer that means I interacted?
My wallet (leather and extension ) are tied to my ledger and the ledger was not connected.