Verified account marked unverified

I verified my accounts yesterday but they are now marked as Unverified. I tried to verify them again but not successful.
How can I verify them again? Is this going to affect the registration process?

I have the same problem. It’s like my account vanished. I started the verification process again, but it tells me that there is another address associated with these accounts. Any advice is welcome. I will be following your post and I hope I get a reply on mine.

I don’t think my account vanished because all the accounts are still linked. Its just they show unverified now.
Did you login with the secret key?

Hey @18askq6yk5Y8qDUYti4M, @Killawasper , sorry to hear you’re both having problems!

Did you recently upgrade the browser, or use an older version of the browser at any point? If so, can you try clearing localStorage, and then re-entering your 12-word backup phrase when prompted in the onboarding screen?

@18askq6yk5Y8qDUYti4M–can you try doing a hard-refresh? If that doesn’t work, can you post your ID address so I can take a look at the state of your social proofs? Thanks!

Hi Jude, Im not quite sure what I did. My pc restarted for a windows 10 update. My backup phrase does not work for some reason. This is my address: 1SdsJRQjdgEqd76SPe31bvNhZXAmHJBKb

If by any chance I lost my backup phrase ( like copy paste it in a text file and did not save it before my PC restarted), is there a way to recover the account?

-Email verification or tweeter message or linked in message ? I could not verify facebook, but after i got into the forum I figured what I was doing wrong so I will verify it next time I log in. I really want to participate in the ICO and I think Blockstack has a bright future. After I heard about it on Unchained I`ve been following it closely. It will suck if I miss this…

Hey @Killawasper,

When you create a profile, a backup copy is saved locally and a copy is sent to (the default storage provider).

There’s a profile with that address in Gaia, and it has a Facebook link here: If this is yours, then the text needs to be updated to say “Verifying that my Blockstack ID is secured with the address 1SdsJRQjdgEqd76SPe31bvNhZXAmHJBKb” for it to be accepted.

Does your backup phrase restore to that address? Also, when recovering from a 12-word backup phrase, please be sure to do a hard refresh in your browser.

The backup phrase recovered this exact address, but my linkedin and twitter accounts are not associated with it. Could I possibly verified another account with my twitter and linkedin? I also uploaded a picture on my account and started the facebook verification which I could not complete. To me it feels like a fresh start on the software. Like creating a new profile…

I feel as smart as a potato trying to figure this out… could I possibly verified another address with my other social profiles and then rebooted the system? BTW I edit the message so it includes the phrase above the blockstack link.

Hi @jude,

I tried hard-refresh but it didn’t help. My id address is 18askq6yk5Y8qDUYti4Mx2CcU9oyKAMWaH
Please ignore the LinkedIn account for now.
Thanks for looking into it.

Hey @18askq6yk5Y8qDUYti4M,

I just checked. Your twitter, facebook, github, and hackernews proofs are all valid!

The only thing you need to change in your instagram proof is the URL. It needs to be (removed)

Hope this helps!

Hey @Killawasper,

The profile data I have is with that address is here: ~removed~

It looks like there are two verifications present: a twitter verification (which is valid!) and the aforementioned facebook verification (which doesn’t appear to be public anymore). I don’t see a linkedin entry. It’s possible that your profile didn’t save from earlier, so it would look fresh after a reboot :frowning: The URL above is the copy of the social proofs that we see.

If it helps, we just pushed out an update to the browser that fixes some of the UX issues we’ve been seeing these past few days. It’s available from the downloads page. We also have a Web-hosted version here (and a tutorial here), but I only recommend using it if you can’t get the locally-installed one to work.

Hi @jude,

Thanks for checking. I have updated the instragram url. Can you please delete the link in the post?
Thanks again !!

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Hi @jude,

If time permits, could I also ask you to check my verified status as well? My ID is ID-1HnEAW5fedKUZjAv16qCTm2WzYuiHz2fVr


EDIT: Please note that I did clear the local storage and did a hard browser reset to no avail. Cheers.

Twitter michaeljoba I have been waiting forever to be verified