Verifications gone after upgrade!

2 verified accounts are set back to unverified after upgrading the blockstack app?

before upgrade :

After upgrade (version 0.20.1) :accounts unverified

What is going on? I followed the (foolproof?) FAQs for every account (several times)! I used both Brave and Chrome.
JavaScript-console shows following error after every verification attempt:

main.js:60872 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘1’ of null
at Function.getProofIdentity (main.js:60872)
at main.js:61019
at <anonymous

Any suggestions to solve this problem?
Help welcome!

Hey @herby64,

I can individually validate your twitter, github, and hackernews proofs. Can you try the following?

  • Add ?taken-by=herbertvanmeensel to the end of your instagram proof
  • Make your linkedIn post public (I can’t load the URL)
  • Doing a hard-refresh in the Web browser

Hey Jude
Thanks for your support!

  • Where exactly do i have to put ?taken-by=herbertvanmeensel

  • I checked linkedIn public profile settings and made my profile visible to everyone. The URL should now work.

. I did a hard refresh of Chrome (by deleting browser history/cache in advanced settings). Then I reset my keychain. I notice no changes. Everything stays unverified.

What’s next?
Thanks for helping!

Hey @herby64,

I took a look at your profile again. Looks like all your proofs are working! I see four successful verifications for twitter, linkedin, github, and hackernews.

They’re also showing up as valid on the explorer:

Are they still showing up as unverified in your browser?

I did manage to register (after 3 days ‘proof of work’!). One unverified account (in my case Instagram) prevented the already verified accounts to turn to the verified status. You have to edit and reset all unverified accounts (red)…only then everything turns immediately to blue (verified). The signing in was done in 1 minute.

I hope this info is useful for other people.
Many thanks for your support!
I am excited to be part of the new internet!