V1/stores route is unavailable

I’m working through the To-Do app and am having trouble accessing the store. This gif shows the issue. I have confirmed my Dropbox store is connected and operational otherwise. Anyone have any clues?


I have the same problem. I’m running Blockstack v0.18.1 on OSX and neither the todo dev app on my machine nor the hosted todo app http://blockstack-todos.appartisan.com/ work. Login works but retrieving data from the storage seems to fail. Error message is similar to the screenshot above.

http://ongakuryoho.com/ doesn’t work with the same error as well.

Anyone from the Blockstack devs reading this? I’d like to develop something for Blockstack but the storage not working is quite the roadblock for me.

maybe @jackzampolin?

@jonas @hologram We have addressed this in a recent release. I would recommend that you upgrade and you should see this error go away.