Using forum as blog engine

I know we’re planning to Ghost as the writing interface for the Blockstack Blog. @ryan, have we considered using the forum as the writing interface?

  • It supports markdown
  • Each category has a topics RSS feed. (Example )
  • Categories also have the ability to restrict topic creation to certain people.
  • It supports tagging

We could create a “Blog” category that’s restricted to people we’d like to let post to the blog and then pull the Blog category RSS feed into in the same way we pull in the Ghost RSS feed.

People who’d like to comment on the blog posts would do so by replying to the topic. We could also optionally embed comments in under each post.

This is interesting but composing is much nicer on Ghost. It also has full support for all the fields we need and I’m not sure the forum will get us that. Ghost is also open source and we can move over to our self-hosted deployment soon.

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