Using Blockstack for IoT NAT traversal

@drasko.draskovic asks on slack:

Hi guys, nice project - I’ve run on it looking for a distributed DNS solution
I am interested how do you handle NAT traversal?
What I am actually looking for are IoT scenarios in which I can potentially use Blockstack for device discovery.

@ryan responds:

we’re exploring a .iot namespace with several companies

@drasko.draskovic asks:

what will be the benefits of .iot?
And back to NAT traversal - let’s take a simple example: I have a temperature sensor with but it is in my LAN, behind my home gateway (given to me by my ISP)… >How do we reach this sensor?

@ryan responds

it makes it easy to register and discover iot devices, good to have a separate namespace for that, names in this namespace will be numeric and very cheap

What’s the NAT traversal problem you’re trying to solve? You have IoT devices behind a NAT and want to uniquely identify them from outside the NAT?