Username not found

I seen this question already asked but no answers were given.

I bought a username but I cannot see it in my back office/dashbord. Meanwhile I can see the funds are there in my wallet. If I search for the username it still says its available and to send the money to an address which is what I already done. please help me resolve.

Hi @ItsNotThatDeeep,

If your funds are still in your wallet, the registration may have not been processed correctly. Which username did you try to purchase?

To register a username, you will have to fund your wallet with the appropriate amount of BTC for the registration to be processed, and keep your computer open/online until the following transactions have been completed:

– A NAME_PREORDER transaction, sent to the Bitcoin network with fees determined by

– Once the NAME_PREORDER transaction has been included in a block, your browser waits for 6 blocks. After the 6 confirmations are received for the NAME_PREORDER transaction, a NAME_REGISTRATION transaction is issued.

– When the NAME_REGISTRATION transaction is included in a block, the name will appear on the Blockstack ID you registered it to.

I have exactly the same issue.