Username Issue on Sign Up

I signed up for an account on my iPhone and got the username I wanted. After signing up on my phone’s browser I went to my desktop to continue setting up my profile. I went to login and put in my secret phrase key, password, and email. After successfully logging in my profile was there but it said to “Add Username” even though I had already done that ( I even have the “Recovery Info” e-mail with the secret key and it has the Username I chose on it.). So I searched for the Username I chose and it said it had already been taken.

What is the issue here? Do usernames have to propagate?

Sorry you’re encountering this problem, @bCook84. Did you register a free or paid name on your iPhone? And how much time passed between registering on your iPhone and trying to sign in on your desktop?

hi mark, the problem is solved. i guess usernames do need to propagate because i logged in this morning and the username is there.

thanks for the reply!

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