seems to hold access to itself w/o username

I seem to have spotted a bug, on android, where I couldn’t sign into stealthy and another app at the same time with the same username.

I created a new account to see that a is provided now.
I logged into stealthy, twice on android, with the provided

Showing I’m logged in on stealthy.

I tried to sign into graphite, but my… was gone. replaced by the accounts listed in the following picture.

Although it has the same unreadable ID-… after clicking DENY && IDs tab as the first picture.

I hope this might be able to help with the development.

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I have a theory on why this happened, but it would be good to hear from the Blockstack team. Here’s my theory:

Since you signed into Stealthy first, a native app, the sign in occurred through the in-app browser. When you went to sign into Graphite, sign in would happen through your default browser on your phone, probably Chrome.

cc: @sebastian, @larry

I think the first sign-in only lets the default account sign-in.
So only the account I just made that was already ?connected? to my phone would show up, but after that initial sign-in the other apps would look at a different “node” for the data. My username not having propagated all the way out yet didn’t show up.

It has showed up since. I just didn’t wait long enough.