Username didn’t transfer to new device


I don’t know much about Blockstack, but I just signed up to use it this morning. On my iPhone. Then I wanted to sign in using my same account on my iPad. I “restored” using the QR code.

Sadly, the username I registered on my iPhone doesn’t show up on my iPad. So I can’t use any apps that require usernames. Unless I set a new one. But then I can’t use that same app with the same username on my phone.

What gives?

Is there some kind of blockchain delay thing at work here? I notice my username on my phone is grayed out with a little clock next to it, but I can’t tell what that means since there’s no explanation about what it means. Does that mean there’s some kind of namecoin-style thing happening? Do I have to wait until there are enough confirmations for it to show up on my iPad?

Thanks for any help you can offer!



You’ll need to wait a few hours after registering a name on one device before it will be usable on other devices. This is because the network needs to process the registration. Some shortcuts are used to make the name immediately usable on the device you initially register it on. You should see the clock disappear once the name is confirmed on the blockchain. You can search for the name on the Blockstack Explorer to see if the name has shown up on the network yet.