Username and Registration Workflow — humbly and completely confused

The new internet is confusing me to no end. I’d love some help.

Mac Os. 10.13.1
Blockstack installed and menu bar working (to the extent it opens the jump page)

So, I have attemped to…

Upload a picture. Failed.
Fund account. Success (of course you’ll take my money) :wink:
Claim a UN. Modal dialog has no access available to the search field. Assumed this had to do with funding a wallet, no dice.
Validate Instagram and FB. Both have failed/show Unverified (privacy setting triple checked).
Use login for other apps. Cyclical cycle of asking for storage option and not logging in.

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, pioneers.

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Update: Some of this, mysteriously, resolved itself — but I couldn’t tell you why. Is there a certain amount of activity required to unlock portions of this?

Picture :white_check_mark:
Funding :white_check_mark:
UN :white_check_mark: (but, i could claim only one additional it seems, is there a limit) <-- Ok, WTF? now the UN I had purchased is gone? I’m so completely confused; it says “taken”. Yes, by ME… but where did it go, it’s no longer listed in the IDs section.
Validate IG/FB :no_entry_sign:
Login: :white_check_mark:

So, progress! But, no transparency as to why?

Based on the symptoms you provide here I would guess that the Blockstack Core API associated with your browser was not running. Checking in the Javascript Console for errors is a great place to start.

Can you give some more information about this:

Also if you can share the affected IDs I will be able to look up details.