User content public listing


I’m working on a little project, my first blockstack dapp. After searching for a while, didn’t find out how to approach to listing the users public content.

I’m trying to create a collaborative creation dapp: Users start projects and other users join them and bring content to it.

How can i get all public projects created by the users for listing them so that other users may join?

Any similar experience? Any idea?

thank you



Hey @vicesalles,

There are more than one way to do this sort of thing…

Did you check out the blockstack.js api docs

and the Radiks project might help…

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Hi Mike,

i’d checked the api docs, yes. Didn’t find an obvious approach there. I appreciate the radiks resource you shared but it’s quite an overkill to my case. Anyway, keeping track of user created projects on a centralized db is an approach.

thanks for your help

I know that @hank has been working on a decentralized version of Radiks and may be able to comment on that here. He may have tips, too, on how to implement it in a streamlined / non-overkill way.

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