URL for Gaia Hub Connection isn't changed after save API Settings

I’ve run my own Gaia storage and I’ve changed URL for Gaia Hub Connection in API Setting (blockstack-browser), but on login to my app and receive credentials I always got https://hub.blockstack.org as my hubUrl. What am I missing? Thank you.

That’s great — so there’s a couple of things potentially going on here.

For one, the blockstack app that you are signing into must be using the latest version of blockstack.js. I don’t believe that there is currently a way to check the version used by a particular application, but that is, in all likelihood the issue.

@aaron Thanks for the answer.
Version of my blockstack.js is already latest 17.2.0.
This is the way how I manually change GAIA url and after that requests hits my hub:

var a = JSON.parse(localStorage.blockstack)
a.hubUrl = 'http://localhost:3002'
localStorage.setItem('blockstack', JSON.stringify(a))

Is there any other advice how I can fix this issue?