Upspin + Blockstack?

Google announced Upspin

Upspin provides a global name space to name all your files. Given an Upspin name, a file can be shared securely, copied efficiently without “download” and “upload”, and accessed from anywhere that has a network connection.

Haven’t had a chance to throughly explore the documentation and code - at first glance, it looks like this could be adopted to use Blockstack IDs as the global namespace instead of email addresses.


It looks like Upspin uses an own server implementation. Would be much cooler if it could work with different storage provider as Blockstack does.

I already thought about something similar (something like the “Keybase filesystem” for Blockstack). The software negotiates which storage providers to use, and the user just says “share this file with”.

end2end encrypted, signed, provider-independent storage for everyone :slight_smile:

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