Upload existing docs into Graphite?

Just had a look at Graphite but one essential function/feature appears to be missing… Upload.
Or are the docs in Graphite limited to those that are created in Graphite? No upload?

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Hey Clive! Thanks for giving Graphite a shot. There are plans to make this a little more intuitive and unified, but you can upload Word Documents, .txt files, and .rtf files in Graphite Vault. From there, you can choose to edit the document in Graphite Docs.


thank you. Any plans to add different doc types to that list?

I’m open to suggestions! What specific types are you thinking?

Yea, DNG and JPG.
.WAV and/or .MP3 would be good too.

Got it! .jpg/.jpeg are already supported in Graphite Vault. Will look into audio support as well. Video and audio support are hamstrung a bit until users can truly select their own storage providers. As long as the user is using Blockstack’s default storage, the file size limit 5mb, which is too small for any meaningful audio or video files.

To small to be practical.

Also, .pdf seems to go into the vault ok, but it seems that they do not share at this point.