Upgrade Your App Onboarding Experience With Blockstack Connect

The official release of Blockstack Connect is now available!

This JavasScript library comes with a brand new authenticator that streamlines the user onboarding process for developers, and simplifies sign-in for users.

Notable Features:

  • Ability for users to sign up for privacy-protecting Blockstack accounts without having to learn about cryptography or blockchain technology upfront
  • Built-in UI components that automatically provision new users with a Secret Key and username (that are sent directly into apps) for seamless user onboarding and education
  • Authenticator browser extension (where users can enter their Secret Key ) that users can install and run client-side

Thanks to everyone who shared feedback on the beta release! You can check out and start building with the official release here: https://blog.blockstack.org/upgrade-your-app-onboarding-experience-with-blockstack-connect/



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