Updating blockstack wiped funds from wallet

Hello, I installed blockstack and played around a bit a while back. Of course I deposited a few BTC to the created address, I didn’t do much with it until I decided to take a look today. I got a glimpse of my old wallet (around 0.01 BTC). Then blockstack prompted me to update and I did, without thinking too much about it.

Well, after the update the wallet showed a balance of 0.00.
I’ve got the 12 phrases saved and the json-looking wallet information. (wallet, enc, owner_add, payment_add, wallet_pass) etc…

What do I need to do to restore my balance / old wallet?

From looking at some of my backup info it was block stack v. 0.16.0

Try using the localhost:8888/wallet/send-core route. We changed the location of the wallet from on disk to in the browser.

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Thanks! This exactly what I needed.