Update on Grant Application #12

Hi All

The latest on our grant application #12 Risidio Auctions is successful completion of milestone 2. We have been working hard on the deliverables for this milestone and would love to get any feedback or suggestions from the community.

We have a staging domain for the marketplace where community members can check out the features for themselves. The staging site is pre-production and under construction. It is currently being tested in-house but all feedback is welcome and we will be looking to engage with the community more in the coming weeks.

The staging site has the following features (in line with our grant submission). In addition we are working on some help pages and blogs which will explain the marketplace in more detail.

  • Paying for and minting loops on Stacks 2.0 in out test client application (Loopbomb)

  • Deployment of our marketplace registry and interface contracts - these are admin features but the code can be reviewed in Github - we are working within the community on developing our interface and traits into common standards for NFT based contracts

  • Define (in Gaia) and register (via Clarity) a new application on the marketplace - we’ve built a contract templating tool to make it easy for new projects to start using clarity and to deploy contracts for NFT applications which conform to standards.

  • Web component module (wraps interaction with Connect) for application developers to easily include minting functionality.

  • It is possible to search, filter and browse the marketplace based on a number of filters and search criteria.

  • Set sale information - owners of digital assets on the marketplace are able to set ‘buy now’ or ‘bidding’ data to sell an item - data is stored in Clarity and cached in lucene index for filtering.

  • Buy now - a user is able to buy an asset from another user and change the ownership of the NFT on-chain.

Because of the early stage of things in general we have built support for Connect as well as an internal wallet. This helps us workaround some known issues we’ve come across during development and also makes it easier to test buy / sell functionality without depending on the faucet - you’ll see a toggle in the header to switch between wallets.

We are working on explainer videos e.g. this one and content to explain how the site works - e.g. see the ‘how it works link on staging’.

Please feel free to ping me or Irina on Discord at any time.

Risidio Team!