Update for OpenBazaar Users

Last week we met up with @brianhoffman, Chris Pacia and Rob from OB1 and hacked on improvements to the Blockstack-OpenBazaar integration.

A few things you need to know:

  1. We’re coming out with an alternative to onename that is decentralized and server-less. It also has a better user experience and supports PGP keys, SSH keys, Bitcoin addresses, Ethereum addresses, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, Snapchat, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, Hacker News, Instagram, AngelList and more.

  2. We’re going to provide a service to push registrations through much more quickly. We might be able to get essentially all registrations completed in under 2 hours.

  3. We’re going to work with the OB developers to implement a “pending registration” view, similar to the one on onename.com. That way, you’ll see your name in the app immediately, even before the registration goes through.

  4. We’re going to allow users who host their own Blockstack Core nodes to run name registrations through them instead of through our Blockstack Core fleet.

More updates to come.


Any plans on adding Bitmessage address support? Bitmessage has namecoin integration but I’m not sure namecoin is going anywhere.

@PeterSurda Bitmessage address support would be great. You want to open an issue on https://github.com/blockstack/blockstack/issues to spec out the format for listing Bitmessage addresses?

And while we’re working on releasing an alternative to the Onename app, remember that if you’re an OpenBazaar user and you have any issue with registering your name in the .id namespace and linking it to your OpenBazaar store you can email [email protected].

The Onename app has dedicated support staff and all OpenBazaar support requests are given high priority.

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