Unable to verify on Twitter

I have followed the instruction for verifying on Twitter. The tweet is public and pasted the link to tweet and still unable to get verified. I have done the ‘hard reset’ of the browser, tried on another browser without success. I have gone through topics of this forum and tried to find a solution but no luck. Could you please help?

URL of the tweet

Hi Shrini,

I’m sorry you ran into issues verifying your Twitter account. There is currently a known bug with Twitter proofs, which you can track in Github issue #1629. This should be fixed in v0.34.

Hi Sebastian

Thank you for the quick response. I am a new user to blockstack and am very excited about its great potential for transformation. Appreciate your help.


Hi Shrini,
For now you can install blockstack browser and login from there and your accounts will be verified. I did the same thing, it worked for me
PS : My accounts are still not verified in browser.blockstack.com.