Unable to upload photo, stuck at 80%, disabled ID search


I have verified my social IDs, my ID creation is 80% complete.

I am trying to upload my photo, but it never takes the photo I selected.

Running version 20.1 on Mac, tried both Chrome and Firefox.

My ID-1MR2GtKyKwsVwsVFDD2UGxHfaV1NvMypfH

Do I need to upload my photo to search and register my blockstack ID.

Could you help me resolve this, so that I can complete my registration?

Try photo with low resolution mate. :blush:
I think you dont need a photo to buy a username. #opinion.

Thanks @nguyenloc

How do I enable the username/ID search in the pop up ?

It is currently disabled and I can’t type in anything.

Should I transfer BTC to my address before I can search for it?


Click on the string “username” —> you will see the pop-up window. After you pick the name you want —> following instructions —> transfer BTC to specific address (aka. Your bitcoin address on Blockstack) :blush: