Unable to upload photo for token sale registration

What is the specification for the image to upload?
I tried with PNG and JPG image and size of the image is less than 200 KB.

I completed 80% of my profile and just got stuck with uploading picture.

I am using Chrome browser.

Hey @analog76, sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

Those sizes and formats should be fine. Can you try uploading again? If it’s still not working, can you post your ID address so we can see if the picture’s link is making it into your profile?

Hi @jude
I tried and still having the same problem.
My ID-16e8oRrwxxCyu1HNUNiYTN7uKMYkXNMKP8

I upgraded to 20.1 version and the issue resolved.

I have the same issue: ID-1NB1z1PqpQYmKXQWQiXNRd5DUHbo8ASvYK

Unable to upload photo. and I do not know how to upgraded to 20.1 as OP had suggested.

Hey @1NB1z1PqpQYmKXQWQiXN, the latest version can be found here: https://blockstack.org/install

I too have a similar problem.

I have verified my social IDs, my ID creation is 80% complete.

I am trying to upload my photo, but it never takes the photo I selected.

Running version 20.1 on Mac, tried both Chrome and Firefox but failed.

Do I need to upload my photo to search and register my blockstack ID.

Hey @preetham,

You don’t need a photo to register your blockstack ID. If you want to upload one, can you try one with a lower resolution? The default storage provider does not accept files over 5MB.