Unable to unlock staked STX + reward stopped 5 months ago

Hello! Seven months ago I staked STX (https://explorer.hiro.so/txid/0x6b81d674a9dcca5933ffd38cdf59e0c8e857bb3fcea0b647f8f700e42d35ae1a?chain=mainnet). Two months later, the BTC rewards stopped, now I noticed that, and am unable to unlock the stacked amount.
Please provide help/guidance!
Thank You!

(post deleted by author)

Dear @blak, I see you stacked with Xverse pool and the transaction was to stack until Bitcoin block 777350. Earlier this year there were also some upgrades to the proof of transfer protocol (the smart contract that governs stacking).

In any case those tokens would have unlocked automatically either because the bitcoin block was reached or because the Proof of Transfer contract was upgraded and the old one isn’t used anymore.

If your app (I assume you are using Xverse on your mobile) does not display that, I think you are using an outdated version. Please make sure to upgrade to the latest version. You can always double check the stacking status of your address on the public explorer: explorer.hiro.so or sign into lockstacks.com with a desktop extension or dapp browser.