Unable to send STX using v3.0.0 Mac OS wallet

Hi Stacks team,

I would really some help to move my STX. I participated in Coinlist sale back in 2018 (?). For some reason, I only have a record of 12 recovery phrases (may be a mistake on my part). When I recover my wallet using the latest Mac wallet SW, it recovers a new address with zero balance. So I’m stuck using the old v3.0.0 wallet.

When I try to send my STX, it asks me to 1) connect your ledger, 2) unlock ledger, 3) select Bitcoin app, 4) ensure “browser support” is no. After pressing continue, the STX wallet is stuck in “Loading…” and my Ledger doesn’t see a transaction coming through.

My transaction fees balance has 0.00082856 BTC. I have multiple Ledger Nano S / X. I’ve tried all of them.

I would very much appreciate your help on this.


Please ignore. I was able to restore the address to v4.1.1. with Ledger Nano S. :slight_smile: