Unable to send bitcoin to another wallet

I have leftover bitcoin in my Blockstack Wallet I would like to send to another wallet but I get a “withdrawal failed” message.

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@nhoward You aren’t providing a ton of information here which makes it very difficult to troubleshoot, however one reason for this might be fees. If you have a small amount of BTC in the wallet the fees required to send it might be more than the amount in the wallet.

Thanks for the response sorry I don’t have much description. It’s about 60 dollars worth of BTC. I don’t get any descriptive error just that it fails to withdraw. I have tried multiple wallets to transfer to.

Same here.
I tried before and after upgrading to 0.15 with no success.
I tried with SegWit address (starting with 3) and with non-SegWit (starting with 1) and always failed.

I have a small amount that I would like to withdraw, and ideally I would like to pay no fee on that tx since it’s not time critical.

Is there any chance to withdraw our bitcoins from the wallets?

I have also same problem, I received BTC on blockstack wallet and i cant send for here. some thing red error.

I have also same problem, easily receive on wallet but not sending to other BTC Account. please guide step to step …

To send funds from the Blockstack Browser you will need to go to http://localhost:8888/wallet/send and use the form there to send bitcoin to another address.

I have the same problem. I enter the destination address, the amount, and my password from this keychain and the “send” button changes to “sending” and there is a red error bar that appears but does not have any message. Anyone know what to do?

i forgot keychain phrase and lost 0.109 BTC. How to find keychain phrase? Any Idea ???