Unable to import Onename id


I tried following the instructions to go to
id > More > 3 dots

I can’t find the 3 dots under my accont? Am I missing some steps?

anyone can shed light on this? the instruction screenshots and what is shown in the browser are so different?!?

@muneeb @ryan

@skybach This has to do with the version you are running. Make sure you have updated to at least v0.19 or higher.


support contacted me prior to this.
Indeed, I was already using the latest Ubuntu script v0.19.0.
However, the script was still referencing the v0.18.0 Docker container.
After re-downloading the updated script, everything works fine.

Can’t wait for the token sale!

On the mac version when importing Onename my email is getting populated in the field where my bitcoin address is supposed to go.

Error: “Invalid destination bitcoin address” - field is locked so I can’t manually change.

@matettore This is likely due to your autofill settings in your browser. Please disable those, reinstall the latest version, hard refresh your browser and try again.

How can I create a onename ID? the site does not show an option to use use to create an ID using blockstack?